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Our Partnerships

Our partnerships allow our horses to receive the best possible care here at Froxfield. We work with experts and companies to ensure that the horses in our care are happy and healthy athletes.



When training the horses, we use mirrors that allow us to train our horses independently. It ensures that our horses look as good as they feel, and feel as good as they look! They are also a fantastic tool when we test ride to check our straightness and positioning.

We chose Equestrian Reflections because we wanted strong and stable mirrors that were able to hold up to the weather in our outdoor, as well as providing excellent view of the whole horse from all ends of the arena. 


Since we moved to Froxfield Stud, we have used Aubiose. Our yard staff are busy with riding, sales videoing/photos, viewings, vettings as well as the daily care of the horses so we needed a bedding that was time effective without compromising the cleanliness or quality. 

We love the fact that Aubiose is also completely natural and provides our horses with a clean and healthy environment for their daily naps.



We have been using Saracens horse feeds for 10 years. All the horses will have an evaluation by our nutritionist to ensure they are getting the right amount of energy, vitamins and minerals. 


We have stayed loyal fans of Saracens horse feeds because of the difference we see it makes to our horses every time. We are dedicated to ensuring that every horse on our yard is happy and healthy and Saracens play a huge role in helping us achieve this.  


We have been working with KM Elite Products since starting FDS. You will find their products all around the yard, including their super strong shavings forks, Equine America Supplements and Stride Free Saddles.

We use their Pro Mesh Hybrid Boots on all our horses. They are a life saver in the summer when we want to protect our horses legs without overheating their tendons. 

Our horses also love their memory foam girths which moulds to the horse making them feel comfortable and free whilst also being secure and not stretching or losing its shape. We also love that the horses dont over sweat in the girth area thanks to the Coolmax technology.  



Working with high performance horses, we understand the importance of us being fit, strong and balanced when we ride. 

We have been working with Ridercise for nearly 10 years. The rider fitness platform uses short rounds of exercise that engage and strengthen the muscles we use when we ride as well as improving posture and core strength.. This ensures that everyone who rides our horses sit balanced in the saddle, ride with an independent seat and have good control over their leg, hand and seat aids. 

This, alongside the wealth of experience that our riders have, ensures that all the horses at FDS are trained in the best possible way. 


We have used Horsequest for nearly 15 years and, before FDS began, sold all our horses with them; ranging from our beloved pony club pony right through to our international horses. We love that Horsequest caters for a range of horses and allows buyers to filter their results to find their perfect horse!

When we started FDS, we wanted a horse sales website that would allow us the freedom to add horses as they arrived, and take off horses as they sold. Sometimes this can all happen in the space of a few days!

Now, you can find all our horses available on Horsequest, along with detailed information, photos and videos of each one. 



Our fantastic yard manager, Chantal, is responsible for keeping the yard and horses looking spotless and beautiful. She also has a very useful talent in photography which we have taken full advantages of here at FDS.

You will see every advert for our horses includes beautiful high quality images from headshots to training photos. These not only show off our beautiful horses looking fantastic but also make a fantastic keepsake for sellers and buyers alike. 



Jenny has been treating our horses for nearly 20 years and she is a hugely vital member of our team here at FDS.

She has been treating horses for over 34 years after qualifying as a physiotherapist and gaining certificates in cyriax manipulation and chiropractic. She combines her physiotherapy with chiropractic techniques to gain the fastest and longest lasting results meaning that our horses are more free and able to perform at their best,

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