Our Expert Team

Over the years we have created a team of experts at the top of their field.  Each and every one of them is dedicated to ensuring the horses receive the highest quality of care. This allows the horses in our care to not only be happy and healthy but also perform to their best of their ability. 




Jenny has been treating our horses for nearly 20 years and she is a hugely vital member of our team here at FDS.

She has been treating horses for over 34 years after qualifying as a physiotherapist and gaining certificates in cyriax manipulation and chiropractic. She combines her physiotherapy with chiropractic techniques to gain the fastest and longest lasting results meaning that our horses are more free and able to perform at their best,


JH Farriers


John and his team are


Equine Dental Clinic


The Equine Dental Clinic Ltd is Europe's first veterinary practice dedicated to general, advanced and referral equine dentistry. It is run by Chris Pearce MRCVS and his team who do routine examinations and all necessary procedures of all our horses. 


Matt Hicks


Matt has been training our riders for 8 years. He is an established grand prix rider as well as being a successful eventer before. We love matt's techniques for getting the best out of a horse in a simple, effective way and the horses love him too!

All our riders will have monthly lessons with Matt to ensure they are constantly developing their knowledge and expertise. 

We are adamant that all our staff have the opportunities to learn and develop their skills and Matt is fantastic in helping us achieve this..


Clare Gangadeen

Personal Trainer / Soft Tissue Therapist


We have been working with Ridercise for nearly 10 years. The rider fitness platform uses short rounds of exercise that engage and strengthen the muscles we use when we ride as well as improving posture and core strength.. This ensures that everyone who rides our horses sit balanced in the saddle, ride with an independent seat and have good control over their leg, hand and seat aids. 

This, alongside the wealth of experience that our riders have, ensures that all the horses at FDS are trained in the best possible way. 


Nic Read

Saracens Feed Nutritionist


Saracens have been our feed of choice for over 10 years. 

Nic, our nutritionist, has been instrumental in creating a feed routine that benefits all our horses.. 

Each horse is individually assessed to create their own tailored feeding routine to make sure they are receiving the right nutrients they need to perform at their best.