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Whether you are trying to sell your horse or looking to find your next horse, having an independent specialist can help to make the process faster, smoother and easier for everyone!

We offer various services to suit all budgets that will help you to take advantage of our vast range of experience in the dressage horse sales industry. 

More often than not, little things like the wording of an advert, the first photos that come up and the layout of the video can make a huge difference to the impression someone gets when they see a horse. Likewise, the specific questions you ask and having someone knowledgeable with you can help you to work out whether the horse you are viewing is really right for you. 



Struggling to sell your horse and get their adverts being seen by the right people? 

  • Help with adverts, videos, photos, pricing and viewings all to help you get your horse out to the right people

  • Analysis, consultations and advice to suit all budgets

  • Affordable sellers consultations to help you advertise your horse in the best possible way

  • All-in-one option where we come to you and create all your photos, videos and adverts for you, taking the hassle out of the whole process (option to add plaiting/preparation and to use one of our FDS riders too)



Looking to buy your next partner but don't know where to start? Or do you want a second opinion on a horse you're thinking of buying?

  • Independent assessment of each horse including breeding, history,  competition record, confirmation and ridden videos (sales video or videos from viewing)

  • Trial rides with options to bring a L3 qualified coach or rider to assess the horse, help you feel confident when you are riding and make sure you ask all the important questions!

  • Finding service to help you find a range of horses that could be your next perfect partner without wasting your time. 



Read reviews from riders and owners who have viewed and bought horses at FDS

As a Para rider looking for a new partner to aim for the Tokyo Paralympics, finding a horse with the right training and temperament which walks for a 10 is nearly impossible! I contacted Froxfield Dressage Sales about a potential horse and straight away I knew that they understood what I needed. Lynn made absolutely sure that this was going to be the right partnership by bringing Stella to our yard for me to try her away from home. This attitude was so refreshing after dealing with lack of respect from other owners. Froxfield Dressage Sales' professionalism is second to none and clearly has the best interest of the client and horse at heart. This will hopefully be the start of a great partnership for the GB para team as we are always looking for new horses.

Sophie Christiansen

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