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We know what a nerve racking time trying a horse or pony can be and how self conscious it can make your feel. We try to make the trial process as relaxed as possible and you will be made to feel welcome by our helpful staff. 

Travelling a long distance to try a horse that isn't as described or doesn't quite move like in the video is disheartening and disappointing.  With usually around 15-18 horses available all the time, our buyers generally try several when they visit.  The horses are only shown once a day, will not be lunged or ridden prior to arrival and we restrict  the number of times they are tried to give them some down time in between.

Nothing is too much trouble at Froxfield Dressage Sales. You wont feel rushed or pressurised at all during the visit and will be encouraged to take your time to ensure your purchase is the right one.

We are honest and open and will tell you about any habits or quirks the horse may have so there will be no nasty surprises later on ensuring a happy and confident partnership going forward. 

Happy buyers = happy owners = most importantly happy horses and ponies

Our Buyers Packages

We constantly have horses coming in every week here at FDS. Most of our horses are sold to our Database members who are notified of new arrivals before anyone else and receive priority access. 

Our Mailing List are still notified of our new arrivals but after our Database members. This will be at the same time that the horses are advertised on our website and social media. 



Priority Database

This is for our serious, active buyers looking for their next partner. 

  • Priority notification of new horses

  • Exclusive access to new horses before everyone else


Mailing List

This is for those that want to be kept up to date with everything that happens here at FDS including new arrivals, latest news and sold horses. 

  • Monthly newsletter with current list of horses

  • News and updates from FDS

  • Notification of new horses after Priority Database members


Read reviews from riders and owners who have viewed and bought horses at FDS

As a Para rider looking for a new partner to aim for the Tokyo Paralympics, finding a horse with the right training and temperament which walks for a 10 is nearly impossible! I contacted Froxfield Dressage Sales about a potential horse and straight away I knew that they understood what I needed. Lynn made absolutely sure that this was going to be the right partnership by bringing Stella to our yard for me to try her away from home. This attitude was so refreshing after dealing with lack of respect from other owners. Froxfield Dressage Sales' professionalism is second to none and clearly has the best interest of the client and horse at heart. This will hopefully be the start of a great partnership for the GB para team as we are always looking for new horses.

Sophie Christiansen

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